What Smart People Think about GIS

“The planet is slowly going to keep warming for a long time to come. So we’re going to have to stop looking at these disasters as something to wait for; we’ve got to start looking at these disasters as something to prepare for, to anticipate, to start building new infrastructure, to start having new plans, to recalibrate the baseline that we’re working off of.”

Barack Obama

Former U.S. President

“As funding sources diminish, it’s critical to make correct decisions the first time. GIS gives economic developers a framework for decision making, which helps minimize risk and maximize value.”

Gurbax Sahota

President and CEO, California Association for Local Economic Development Executive Director, California Academy for Economic Development

“Given the vast amount of data being generated, particularly through the use of the Web, and the need to make sense of this data, the ability to link information on the Web will be increasingly important in the coming years”

Lorraine McNerney

General Manager, Geospatial Systems, Ordnance Survey Ireland

“Incorporating these two technologies [GIS and aerial imagery] into our production/property validation process saved thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars in travel costs.”

Pete Spinella

US Coast Guard

“It is not enough just to assess an installation’s impact on the environment; one must also assess the impact of a changing environment on the installation.”

Cleo Paskal

Columnist and Adjunct Professor, Global Change, SCMS, Kochi, India

“Using geography to better design our world transcends fields, specialties, countries, and cultures.”

Jack Dangermond

Co-Founder, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)