How OSi and Users will support each other

User Group

OSi wants to give the best service possible to our customers. As part of the National Mapping Agreement (NMA), OSi will establish a user group forum to advance the NMA. This group will review progress of the NMA and provide insight into the challenges our customers are facing when using OSi geospatial information.

The user group will provide input on what content is included in our products and services, as provided under the NMA. They will provide feedback on which outputs are most important, relevant and useful, and will be a communications platform to inform all users of the goals of the NMA.

The user group will be made up of key customers who are familiar with using OSi data and services and who also have a good understanding of the market needs. Membership in the initial stages will by invitation and for a period of one year from date of inception.


OSi will provide a dedicated landing page on our corporate website This page will provide information on the NMA, case studies and examples of how OSi data can be used in assisting the provision of Government services. The page will also provide an application form for access to the dedicated NMA mapviewer.

NMA Map Viewer

OSi will provide a new Map Viewer through the existing GeoHive service. The NMA Viewer will require users to login to the service. The service will provide a Premium Basemap as well as some basic GIS tools. In the future this service will provide the potential for NMA customers to share data among themselves in a restricted way. Download the NMA Map Viewer – How to Use PDF here.

NMA Online User Forum

OSi will provide an online user forum where NMA customers can seek information and answers to issues and challenges they are experiencing. OSi will also use this forum to advise on organisational and market developments that may affect our users.