Easily access accurate, detailed and updated mapping with MapGenie


MapGenie allows you to connect directly from your desktop or web page to both OSi and Land and Property Services Northern Ireland (LPS) geodatabases via an All-Ireland Web Service, giving you easy and instant access to premium map data at a variety of scales for the entire island of Ireland through a single source.

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Who’s using MapGenie?

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OSi’s MapGenie can be consumed directly through any OGC compliant GIS software or web application, potentially allowing all members of your organisation to view and use the best map data available, thereby giving you a significant increase in value for money over traditional methods of data delivery.

OSi can (together with our 3rd party developer partners) provide a service to assist you in developing a bespoke web based application that can provide GIS functionality and access to OSi data (thus reducing the complexity and cost of GIS applications and data usage).

Service Specification Availability

  • OGC compliant WMS services with basic windows authentication.
  • ESRI REST cached services with token security (ArcGIS Server 10.04).
  • All services available in ITM, and selected services available in Web Mercator and IG projections.
  • 24/7 service availability with Monday to Friday 9am-5pm customer support, direct from OSi or through Amazon EC2.
  • Data is stored by OSi and AWS.

Depending on how you want to use MapGenie you will be supplied with one of the following;

  1. MapGenie for Websites
    1. For internal and external facing websites (including public facing AGOL sites)
    2. Tokens must be requested from OSi
  2. MapGenie to ArcMap Desktop
    1. Only use for ArcMap Desktop
    2. No token request required from OSi
  3. MapGenie for Mobile Apps
    1. Only use for Mobile Applications
    2. No token request required from OSi
    3. Please inform us at the end of each month what links this account used for MapGenie
  4. MapGenie for ArcGIS Online (AGOL)
    1. Only for AGOL internal sites (not to be used for public facing accounts)
    2. No token request required from OSi
    3. The Document “Map Genie II_ArcGIS Use Cases_2014” will be issued upon request and goes through how to use MapGenie on AGOL.
    4. Please inform us at the end of each month what links this account used for MapGenie
  5. Updated data on the OSi server is immediately available to you via MapGenie.
  6. Already contracted to use Large Scale data and/or Orthophotography etc. now you also have access to MapGenie too.
  7. MapGenie can be displayed on OGC compliant GI software
  8. And if you have any MapGenie queries, the MapGenie team is always happy to help us out.