Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSI) is the national mapping agency of Ireland. It is the State Agency responsible for the official, definitive surveying and topographic mapping of the Republic of Ireland. As this mapping is topographic, it only represents the physical features on the ground at the time of the survey.

OSI maps never indicate legal property boundaries, nor do they show ownership of physical features. Although some property boundaries may be coincident with surveyed map features, no assumptions should be made in these instances and consequently, it is not possible to identify the position of a legal property boundary from an OSI map.

OSI welcomes all customer feedback about the content and accuracy of our mapping. There can be a delay between changes taking place on the ground and when we are able to capture them within our continuous mapping revision program. Any issues relating to the content or accuracy of our mapping that fall within our specification will normally be investigated at the earliest possible opportunity.

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