OSi Advisory Service


At Ordnance Survey Ireland, we are constantly working with our public and private sector customers to assist them in best practice use of location information and technology within their business.

OSi is a mandated advisor to the Irish Government on matters relating to the policy and practice of Surveying, Mapping, and Geographic Information and in the development of National Spatial Data Infrastructures.

By using authoritative Spatial Information from OSI to support strategic decision-making. Business, Commerce, and Infrastructure can ultimately make better informed and more accurate decisions. These decisions will facilitate increasingly effective and efficient operations, resulting in cost savings for both Commercial Enterprises and Public Expenditure.

Understanding the relationship that infrastructure has with its environment, can help a business, be it public or private sector, to analyse and prioritise investments or to simply evaluate performance.

Many of our services are provided for FREE

 OSi is the leading source of Authoritative Geographic Information in Ireland and provides comprehensive, detailed, and richly attributed data, to ensure optimum value to our network of customers and GI Users.

Mapping is more than background information

 Let us help your business to grow and be more efficient and cost-effective.

For more information contact us at:

Corporate Sales, Ordnance Survey Ireland, Phoenix Park, Dublin 8

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