Paper or digital maps required for Local Authority planning applications

Certain OSi maps are required to make a planning application in Ireland, these maps (planning packs) can be purchased online or from our map sales office in the Phoenix Park, Dublin or agents around the country. The planning pack can be either paper (best for one off applications) or digital (requires specialist drawing software like CAD)

Local authorities may have different requirements when it comes to planning applications so please check with them before you purchase a planning pack.

If the property is in an urban area the OSi map will be produced at a scale of 1:1,000, peri-urban areas are generally at a scale of 1:2,500 and rural areas will always be 1:2,500. If you are buying your planning pack online the correct scale will be automatically selected for you.

An additional Copyright Fee (€ 14.58 inc vat ) is applied to the digital product as a temporary license  if you are purchasing this data and you do not have an Annual Copyright License.

Annual Copyright Licences can be obtained from [email protected]  or submit a form from the Annual copyright license page.

Downloads: AL2 Annual license Terms and Conditions