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Aerial Imagery

Ordnance Survey Ireland is the country’s most experienced and trusted supplier of aerial imagery and related products and services.

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Most Current Aerial Imagery

Our most recent series of high-resolution 25cm imagery was completed in 2017; no other supplier of aerial imagery can match this. Our state-of-the art Leica cameras (purchased in 2016) are fitted with ADS 100 sensors; this new kit allows us to fly higher and faster than before. This means that OSi Aerial Imagery is collected quicker, cheaper and more accurately than ever before.

This new high-resolution dataset was captured using our own aircraft flying out of Shannon. OSi use our own dedicated aircraft, our own crews, people and processes. We are independent of outside resources.

OSi is committed to updating this dataset regularly. Each of the 37 flying blocks that cover the State will be re-flown at least once every three years.

Ordnance Survey Ireland now carries out all it's own Aerial Imagery

Most Detailed Aerial Imagery – 25cm and 15cm Resolution

OSi is the only supplier of complete coast-to-coast high resolution aerial photography. As a result, we can offer:

  • Full coverage of all 26 counties
  • Pixel resolution of 25cm
  • Over 1.1 TRILLION pixels of data
  • A dataset four times more detailed than our previous offerings

In addition, Ordnance Survey Ireland has just recently announced the availability of 15cm resolution imagery for the greater Dublin area. Captured during the summer of 2017, in near perfect flying conditions and processed to the highest quality, this represents OSi’s most accurate imagery to date. In fact, it’s six times more accurate than previous offerings. At 15cm per pixel, even the smallest object can be identified, measured and its position recorded as required.

Pinpoint Accuracy in a Picture

Because the imagery is orthorectified, it’s not just a photograph. Each 15cm pixel has an X,Y co-ordinate that represents its position on the earth surface its now like a map, so that accurate measurements can be taken from it. This means that not only is every object on the ground fully visualised, it also means that each of these objects is spatially correct and are measurable in relation to each other. This makes it an invaluable decision making aid. This imagery is currently being used by Fingal County Council as well as Dublin City Council.

As well as the Dublin Metropolitan area, 15cm availability covers parts of counties Meath, Kildare and Wicklow, stretching as far as Ashbourne, Naas, Dunshaughlin, Maynooth and Bray.

OSi Flight planner and pilot discuus the day's capture plan

Total Aerial Cover

Our full 26-county coverage allows us to supply data in our most recent 25cm resolution series to all 31 local authority areas. This means that there are 20,326 tiles of 2km imagery (orthorectified) available nationally for every corner of Ireland.

Completed in 2017, Series One represents the most complete and accurate imagery dataset ever attempted in Ireland and has been made possible in recent years, by the heavy investment in people, equipment and processes.

Every field, building, river, street, every shed, road, fence and wall has been recorded. We are the only organisation to have this level of current detail available for customers. It is four times more accurate than all previous OSi datasets and was captured in half the normal time period. Indeed, further progress is expected for Series Two (2017-19) with the capture time frame reduced to 2.5 years.

Prices are competitive and on a sliding scale depending on data currency. Indeed, some data may be free depending on the type of contract that you have with OSi. It is available as tiles, in bulk, or for a specific area of interest. This imagery is compatible with all other OSi products and can be outputted in two projection systems (IG and ITM) and in a variety of formats.

  • Don’t take our word for it, see what some of our customers already use it for:
  • National Park & Wildlife Service use imagery to assess the health of various habitats.
  • Bord na Móna use it to assess the health of bogs and peatlands under their care.
  • Planning authorities use imagery to better assess planning applications.
  • Emergency services use OSi imagery for training purposes.
  • Air Corps use our data in flight simulation.

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Urban area from the air

OSi’s Aerial Legacy

OSi has been flying and photographing the country for decades. We have built up an unparalleled body of experience in this area, and have amassed an archive of legacy imagery that show an ever-evolving landscape.

For the professional engineer, planner or researcher, easy recognition of features adds an extra layer of understanding to your data, and helps your decision-making

OSi Imagery fits seamlessly with all OSi digital products, and gives coast-to-coast coverage.

Seamless and Consistent

The imagery available here is the same imagery that is used by OSi in its update process for all its large-scale digital data.

This ensures an unbroken chain of consistency between our aerial imagery and the highly detailed OSi digital mapping that is used by professional engineers, planners, architects and builders all around the country.

Close detail of coastline from the air

Aerial view of a urban residencies

Always Updating

Our flying team operates out of Shannon Airport, and is dedicated to delivering top quality imagery all year round.

They cover the entire State, including offshore islands, and use state-of-the -art cameras to capture the crispest, clearest imagery possible.

OSi Aerial Imagery Products

OSi Aerial Imagery Maps are:

A site-centred paper plot of your area of interest produced using aerial imagery from 15cm/25cm to 1m resolution from Ordnance Survey and DigitalGlobe™ orthorectified to remove inaccuracies caused by camera tilt and lens distortion to produce scale accurate images

How are they used?
OSi Aerial Imagery Maps can be used for a variety of reference, comparison, measurement, surveying, or engineering applications and are of interest to anyone requiring a real-world image with the same accuracy, overhead perspective and supporting marginalia of a traditional cartographic map.

How are they displayed?
Each Imagery Map is displayed within a map window, with grid coordinates in Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM) projection marked at each of the four corners. Colour marginalia contains additional information regarding the map composition including a North arrow, scale bar, output scale, image series/capture date and sheet centre coordinates in ITM. The map purchase date and order number are also displayed.

What are the advantages?
Unlike satellite imagery, Orthophotography is captured digitally by aircraft and is corrected to allow for slopes and other distortions so that it corresponds exactly to large scale mapping, providing high levels of accuracy. OSi has national coverage of high flown, low resolution imagery captured periodically since 1995 and also low flown, high resolution data captured since 2007 covering over 80 of the main cities and towns of Ireland. Aerial Imagery Maps are supplied by OSi in ITM projections, for the Republic of Ireland only.

What is the coverage?
Through agreements with Microsoft™, DigitalGlobe’s Precision Aerial product is available for 100% of the Irish State at 30cm2 resolution. This level of detail ensures striking clarity and high precision for the user and gives customers of Ordnance Survey Ireland a product that is produced from imagery c