‘Large Scale Data showing it like it is…’


Place Maps are the ideal mapping product for Planning, Legal, Agricultural, Construction and Engineering needs. Ordnance Survey Ireland has national coverage of large scale mapping, available in a variety of products suitable for Urban(1:1000), Suburban & Peri-urban(1:2500), and Rural(1:5000) areas. You may be familiar with our Large Scale mapping in our Planning Packs and Land Registry products.

Large Scale Data 1:5000

Our Large Scale data, is a detailed database of roads, rivers, buildings and all the features you’d expect to find on a larges cale map and is available in both IG (Irish Grid) and ITM (Irish Transverse Mercator) projections. We can supply DWG, DXF or NTF format as a vector product, and in TIFF format as a raster product. Our Largescale data is derived from aerial photography and maintained by a combination of aerial photography and field completion.

We also have available for purchase a Digital version of our highly successful planning pack which is intended for use solely for planning purposes. The Digital Planning Pack offers the professional user some very distinct advantages: such as lower cost, ease of use and substantial time savings. The Digital Planning Pack is available in 1:2500 scale to an A4 and A3 extent, and supplied in either DWG or DXF format as a vector product, and TIFF format as a raster product. An Ordnance Survey 6” site location map is included with each Digital Planning Pack, along with all of the technical information required to submit your map and drawings for a planning application

Large scale digital mapping and planning packs for Northern Ireland are available from LPS (Land & Property Services) formerly OSNI.


When responding to an emergency callout, fire services need to know the exact location of the incident. Sending attending officers to the wrong site wastes precious time, prolonging a fire and even risking lives. Giving command and control officer’s digital mapping tools at their fingertips means that a caller’s detailed location can be pinpointed and relayed to officers verbally or via in-vehicle navigation systems.

The quickest route to an incident is not necessarily the shortest one. With the intelligence provided by Ordnance Survey Irelands digital mapping the best route can be quickly identified, taking into consideration known congestion areas. This information can also inform contingency planning, so that the most suitable routes to major public sites or high risk locations can be identified in advance.

Associating secondary information to the geographic data adds a valuable dimension to a fire brigade’s data holdings. Particular assets (such as hydrants) of importance to emergency response teams can be recorded against a common geographic dataset. Integrated geographic data can provide intelligence regarding patterns of crime, fire occurrence and other incidents for reports and periodic analysis, helping to inform resource planning and incident prediction.

Available as a Paper or Digital product. Please contact [email protected] for further information or visit our Map Shop in the Phoenix Park or any of our Map Agents.