Aerial Imagery Maps and Data

Aerial Imagery Maps & Data

Digital and PDF outputs of our extensive Aerial Imagery archive can be purchased directly from our online store. We also provide digital versions or our imagery data for professional use. Further information

Aeronautics Charts

Aeronautical Charts

Irish Aviation Authority Visual Flight Rules (VFR) aeronautical charts available at 1:500,000 or 1:250,000 scale with airports, airfields, airspaces, restricted and hazardous zones as well as air safety information. Published by the IAA. Supplied laminated either flat or folded. Buy online now. Further Information here.

Boundary Data

Boundary Data

OSi provides Statutory, Administrative, Statistical, and Maritime boundary data sets. This wealth of boundary data is available to download as open data in a variety of formats with both generalised and non-generalised options. Further information

discovery digital button

Discovery Digital

Feature rich raster data showing detailed landscape information including rivers, lakes, contours, and townland names. It also shows the man-made environment, with villages, roads, rail etc. Further information

height Data

Height Data

OSi supply a variety of products for use in representing height and ground relief. Available as contour tiles, Digital Terrain Models (DTM’s) and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) high accuracy datasets. Further information

Historic Maps and Data

Historic Maps & Data

PDF and digital raster extracts of our Historic 6 inch and 25 inch mapping data are available for your area of interest. PDF outputs and small areas of interest can be purchased via our online store . For larger areas of interest see Further information .

Ireland Digital

Ireland Digital

Digital raster versions of our most popular Ireland, Cities and Dublin series of mapping including the Ireland 450k, Road Atlas of Ireland, the Dublin Street Guide and our City mapping. Further information

land and property maps and data

Land and Property Maps & Data

PDF and digital vector extracts of our Large Scale data are available for your area of interest in various formats. Specific products for Land Registration and Planning purposes and small project areas can be purchased via our online store. The data comes from a combination of sources; re-engineered data from OSi’s previous digital database and new data plotted from orthophotography or captured on site by GPS. Further information

licence and copyright

Licences & Copyright 

The purchase and use of OSi digital data is subject to licensing terms and conditions. Reproduction of OSi products and data may also be subject to Copyright. Further information