This licence is one of a range of copyright products, designed to facilitate business customers and their use of OSi data in business location extracts on the internet.

Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) maps, data and publications are copyright Ordnance Survey Ireland and Governmnet of Ireland and are protected under the terms of the Copyright Acts.

Anyone wishing to reproduce OSi material, or use it as a basis for their own publications, must obtain a licence from OSi.

The business location internet licence covers reproduction of small extracts of OSi data as a fixed image not exceeding 200 cm2 (approx, one third of an A4 sheet) size at source scale. The permission is a perpetual licence for a single internet site as long as the images do not change beyond updating.

Licence Benefits

The internet business locator licence permits business to benefit from using Ordnance Survey Ireland material on their internet site.

  • Advertise the geographic location of your business on the Internet.
  • Reach a wide variety of customers effectively
  • Increase the effectiveness of your website as an advertising portal
  • Obtain a perpetual licence for a once off payment.

Licence Fees

Licence fees are:

Publishing 1 image up to 200cm²                     €35.00

Publishing of up to 2 images                             €50.00

Publishing of up to 5 images                             €75.00

Publishing of up to 10 images                           €100.00

Publishing of up to 20 images                           €150.00

Royalties are subject to the current higher rate of VAT @ 23%.

Minimum invoice is €35.00

The license number will be issued on receipt of the completed application form and payment of the appropriate royalty fee.

If you prefer, you can download the Internet Copyright Licence NE1 form, fill it in and send to us by post to:

Copyright Department
Ordnance Survey Ireland
Phoenix Park
Dublin 8
Republic of Ireland
D08 F6E4
Email: [email protected]