Maps are a fun way for the family to explore the history and heritage of any location

Family Fun with Maps

The outdoors can contain a wealth of history and heritage, if you know where to look. Ordnance Survey Ireland Discovery maps contain a lot of information waiting to be discovered by you, your family and friends. It’s a great way to pass a few hours, it costs little and you are out and about in the great outdoors.

A good way to approach this activity is to choose an area and research it with your map, a visit to the library and the internet. Then plan a few hours out with the children, finding with the aid of map and compass the antiquities and heritage spots you have identified.

Remember to take all precautions to stay safe and you’ll have a very enjoyable and memorable day out with all the family.

Heritage and Maps 1

Heritage and Maps 2

Heritage and Maps 3

Heritage and Maps 4

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How to use Map and Compass

How to use Map Scales and Grids

Safety in the Outdoors