Colin Bray, CEO Ordnance Survey Ireland launched the Geographic Information Research & Development Initiative in NUI Maynooth on Tuesday 22nd March 2016

What is the OSi Research Bursary Programme?

The OSi Research Bursary Programme is a significant development in the field of geospatial information research in Ireland. OSi will provide significant funding to support research and innovation in areas of interest to OSi and the broader geospatial information industry. The programme comprises of two categories:

  1. Bi-Annual Postdoctoral Bursary – A bi-annual programme of sponsorship for two PhD research students
  2. Masters’ Degree Thesis Award – up to five awards of €3,000 – €5,000 annually

Aims of the OSi Research Bursary Programme

  • To promote geospatial research and innovation in Ireland
  • To develop relationships between institutes of learning, OSi and our partners in the geospatial information industry, with a view to promoting further cooperation
  • To provide support and resources for researchers and students who work on geospatial development
  • To coordinate and prioritise research in key areas which are relevant to OSi’s mandate

Objectives of the OSi Research Bursary Programme

  • To work with, and support, researchers in high-level projects relevant to the Irish geospatial industry
  • To develop links with, and between, research bodies and private industry
  • To identify common research needs among the geospatial information industry, and develop a shared strategy for addressing them

OSi Supporting Government Policy

OSi supports the delivery of the Government’s commitment to further developing its Open Data Initiative.
The Public Sector ICT Strategy recognises data as a critical enabler which supports better decision-making, and the Public Service Reform Plan 2014 –2016 has actioned the development of a National Spatial Data Strategy and a National Mapping Agreement.
This research initiative supports these two strategies by promoting a sustainable cross-sectoral approach to research, development and innovation.

NUI Maynooth Research Initiatives Launch Andy McGill, General Manager for Surveying and Remote Sensing, OSi. Mick Cory, Keynote Speaker, Secretary General and Executive Director of Eurogeographics. Ronan O’Reilly, Chairman OSi. Professor Declan O’Sullivan, Head of Intelligent Systems at the School of Computer Science and Statistics. Colin Bray, CEO OSi. Copyright Fennell Photography 2016

Benefits of the OSi Research Bursary Programme

The programme will:

  • promote geospatial information research and innovation
  • develop linkages between institutes of learning, OSi, and our partners in the geospatial information industry
  • provide an impetus to advanced research
  • coordinate the targeting and prioritisation of research in key area

You can view the five presentations given at the NUI Maynooth event from the links below.

Colin Bray, CEO Ordnance Survey Ireland. The Future of National Mapping in Ireland.

Mick Cory, Secretary General & Executive Director EuroGeographics. The Future of Authoritative Mapping in Europe.

Dr Tracey P. Lauriault. Geographic Information Management Transformation.

Prof. Declan O’Sullivan. Providing Geospatial Information as Linked Open Data.

Andy McGill, General Manager Surveying & Remote Sensing. Over 190 Years of Innovation in Surveying and Mapping.