e-Day – 19th September 2014

The National Payments Plan (‘NPP’), launched in April 2013, seeks to reduce the cost of Ireland’s payment system. Under the NPP, which is to be administered by the Central Bank on behalf of the Government, it is anticipated that significant savings can be realised by eliminating the use of cheque payments.

e-Day, September 19th 2014, is the date from which public sector bodies in Ireland will no longer accept cheques from business users, nor will they be in a position to write cheques to business users – such payments will be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or equivalent.

As a consequence, Ordnance Survey Ireland will no longer be in a position to accept payment by cheque from business users from Friday, September 19th 2014.

Customers who wish to further understand all the elements of NPP should go to the relevant section of the Central Bank’s website.