Afundamental question of any business is ‘where’? Where to locate? Where are my customers? Where are my competitors? Where are the gaps in the market? Businesses that use GIS make faster and more effective commercial decisions. Everything that is important to making your business a success can be analysed, managed and visualised using a GIS.

complications_aheadFrom your customers, your employees, your premises to your suppliers, all have one thing in common, they have a geographic location. Your spatial awareness of these assets and how they interact with one another can give your business the edge in the marketplace.

OSi have a thorough knowledge of ‘where’ everything is in Ireland. Using OSi mapping and demographic data together in a GIS has seen a new field of study emerge in recent years called geo-demographics. Geo-demographic data can assist businesses in understanding more accurately the ‘who’ and the ‘where’ in their market, thus garnering wisdom regarding the purchasing behaviour of potential customers and the geographic context for such behaviour.

In so doing, many business both large and small throughout the land have with the aid of GIS discovered new customers, markets and suppliers while also cutting costs, slashing waste and making better use of existing assets. Profit is important to your business; know ‘where’ to find it! Contact OSi to find out how OSi data and GIS can help you.