If you require OSi data and want to apply for Academic Discount on the purchase of the data, please read the following guidelines.

1. Download the form “Academic Licence (2009)” from our website or contact [email protected] for a copy to be emailed to you.

2. Visit our website http://shop.osi.ie/shop and work out the co-ordinates of your site. This site is free to view, just select the Buy Now link.

3. Complete pages 1 & 2 and return them to:

Digital Sales, Ordnance Survey Ireland,  Phoenix Park,  Dublin 8.
or e-mail [email protected].

4. You will receive a quote for the data within approx 3 to 4 days.

5. Confirm the order and send a cover letter on college headed paper from the head of the relevant department confirming the proposed use of the data.

6. If the college is paying, send an official Purchase Order Form.
If you are paying yourself you must arrange payment in advance by credit card or cheque.

7. Data will be issued on CD or via email if possible.

8. More detailed procedures, terms & conditions are on the official form “Academic licence” available from the website. This should be read, understood and accepted by you.