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When information and Data are combined it provides Knowledge and both the Business and academic communities have seen the benefits in using spatial information in a Geographical Information system. When geographic information is presented in a cartographic fashion it can provide benefits in terms of better informed decisions and ultimately cost savings. Technological advances has allowed significant improvements in the ability to analyse spatial information and is continuously pushing the boundaries in how best to utilise this information.

We have tried in the website to explain and provide examples of how relevant mapping technologies can assist us in integrating geospatial information and understanding its implications. We look at some of the main mapping topics including coordinate systems including GPS, geoids and datums and data formats.

We hope you find this information of use in your studies.

Introduction to GIS

A Geographical Information System is a method of spatially storing, analysing, manipulating, managing and displaying geographical data. A GIS computer software package is as important to a cartographer as a Word Processor is to a writer.

Scales & Maps

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GPS and Satellites

Global Positioning System devices can identify the location of an object anywhere on The Earth. They do this by transmitting an accurate position and time signal via wavelength.

Guide to Academic Discount

If you require OSi data and want to apply for Academic Discount on the purchase of the data, please read the following guidelines.

History of Place names

The basic function of a placename is to establish identity and to assist communications. Placenames are a valuable part of our cultural inheritance.


Contours are imaginary lines which join places of equal heights

Vector vs Raster

Ordnance Survey Ireland data is supplied in both Vector and Raster format. In both cases the data is geo-referenced.


The purpose of this document is to explain what are Statute and Administrative Boundaries, when they were enacted, how we show them on Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) plans and why they are important.