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Industry Challenge

In 2014, Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) delivered a newly developed geospatial data storage model known as Prime2. With Prime2, OSi moved from a traditional map-centric model towards an object-oriented model from which various types of geospatial data services can be produced. Prime2 and the associated workflows furthermore designed governance practices to cope with evolution of spatial objects in their model. The system currently holds information for over 45,000,000 spatial objects. The goal of the OSi initiative with ADAPT is to develop a platform to publish OSi’s geospatial data as Linked Data on the Web whilst adhering to best practices in the domain of geospatial information.

The ADAPT Solution

ADAPT’s Linked Data experts in conjunction with OSi’s geospatial experts developed OSi’s Linked Data Platform ( that makes available Ireland’s geospatial data according to Linked Data principles. The adoption of Linked Data enables third parties to explore and consume rich data in a meaningful manner via a combination of simple, standardized technologies (e.g., RDF and URI) that operate over the Web’s existing HTTP infrastructure facilitating intelligent integration and interaction with data.
The knowledge engineering of the RDF model, the uplift of the Prime2 relational database data into RDF, the design of appropriate URI strategies, and the development and deployment of the Linked Data Platform (http://data., were some of the tasks in which ADAPT’s expertise is being used in supporting OSi to meet their challenge. allows third parties to consult authoritative administrative boundary data and develop novel application on top of these. One example would be to relate 2011 Census data – published by the Central Statistics Office as Linked Open Data – with boundary data to visualise information on a map.



Industry Partner



“One of the most attractive points for OSi was that ADAPT enables fundamental research while at the same time connecting that research to practical applications.”

Lorraine McNerney
Ordnance Survey Ireland


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