Shannon Development

Shannon Development
Shannon Development is a government owned regional development company dedicated to promoting and developing the Shannon Region of Ireland.

The Challenge

Shannon Development needed to create spatial data as an integrated part of their day-to-day work. Shannon Development had significant data volumes held in different formats, owned by several different departments and had various versions of the same data on different machines/servers. Essentially there was no central store of spatial data.

They had lots of data where the spatial element was captured but the associated attribute data that gave it value was blank or missing.

They needed a controlled environment where staff could view and access spatial data.

They needed a solution that integrated with existing information systems and was easy to use.

The Solution

Shannon DevelopmentShannon Development invested in an Online Digitizer which allows authorized users to create or edit Ordnance Survey Ireland geographic information through a browser, and can store this information in a central database. Users can open a web page and using the can view sites, properties, assets, etc. all displayed in a single multi-layer view against a backdrop of OSi base mapping.  The solution allows Shannon Development to enhance/change the data captured or add additional new datasets at any stage in the future.

The Benefits

Shannon Development has already achieved cost savings as they implement the digitizer and work towards a centralized database.

Shannon Development can instantly share map based property information throughout the organization via a web browser interface.

Shannon Development often needs to exchange data with other agencies and can now do so via this new technology.

OSi Data Bases employed:

  • Large Scale Mapping.
  • Small and Medium Scales Mapping / High and low level imagery and orthophotography.