Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources

Dept. of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
The Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources has responsibility for the Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Energy sectors. It regulates, protects and develops the Natural Resources of Ireland.

The Challenge

The Department created the DCENR Spatial Data Pages on their website. This is an initiative to present all DCENR Spatial Data in a useable fashion, to enhance public access to information about the Government and DCENR functions.

The Solution

Dept of Communications, Energy and Natural ResourcesUsing Ordnance Survey Ireland Digital Mapping Data, the DCENR website allows on-line access to a myriad of Spatial Data for citizens and professional users. Data available includes:

  • Petroleum Affairs (view License / Lease and Seismic Information)
  • Exploration & Mining (view Mines, Boreholes, Seabed Survey Information).
  • Geological Survey of Ireland ( view Seabed Survey, Quaternary Geology, Minerals, Geological Heritage, Groundwater Resources, Geotechnical Data).
  • Engineering & Orthophotograph.


  • Single data repository for all citizens to Government Spatial Data.
  • Business datasets are presenting in a simple to use GIS format.
  • Data can be viewed via a browser or can be downloaded.
  • Aligned with e-Government strategy.
  • On-line services are planned including a Metadata search engine.

OSi Data Bases employed:

  • Large Scale Mapping.
  • Small and Medium Scales Mapping.
  • High and low level imagery and orthophotography.
  • Height models and Lidar models.
  • National Boundaries and small areas database.