Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine

The Government Department responsible for the development of agriculture, fisheries and food policy in Ireland.

Project Summary

The Department of Agriculture employs OSi Digital mapping for a variety of applications:

  • The monitoring and control of payments under the Common Agriculture Policy schemes.
  • Animal identification and movement.
  • Monitoring and control of Farmers Payment Schemes.
  • Farm Waste Management Scheme.
  • Suckler Herds Welfare Scheme.
  • Organic Farming and Disease Control.
  • Monitoring and control of payments under the Rural Environmental. Protection Scheme (REPs) – (see Teagasc
  • Management of Forestry.
  • Protection of the Rural Environment – climate change, bio-energy and bio-diversity.
  • Coastal Zone Management – dumping at sea etc.
  • Seafood policy and development of fisheries.
  • Food Safety and Controls on Meat.

OSi Data Bases employed


  • Prime 2 derived Large Scale Mapping.
  • Small and Medium Scales Mapping.
  • High and low level imagery and orthophotography.
  • Height models and Lidar models.
  • National Boundaries and small areas database.