Vodafone Ireland

Vodafone Ireland is the largest mobile phone operator in Ireland and makes huge investments in technology to ensure their customers receive the best network coverage, care and the highest quality of service.

The Challenge

Vodafone Ireland staff need access to a vast range of information which was stored and displayed through a number of discrete departmental database-based application programs, CAD systems and spreadsheets, internal bulletin boards and emails, and augmented when needed by phone calls, paper documents, photographs and plans.

  • Vodafone Ireland was searching for a more effective way of coordinating and presenting this information to users.
  • Vodafone Ireland wanted a new system that would enhance the quality of service offered to their customers, whilst increasing efficiency for their staff.
  • The management of the network infrastructure and the integration of the network status with key activities such as planning and customer operations were critical factors in the delivery of a high quality service.

The Solution

Vodafone1Spatial developed a system called Network GIS (NetGIS), based on Autodesk’s MapGuide application, that can unlock the full potential of existing data by allowing the addition of the spatial dimension.

NetGIS ties together the existing databases within Vodafone Ireland so that staff can view information from the databases on OSi maps through a browser interface over the Vodafone Ireland intranet. Additional site-related documents, such as AutoCAD® plans and drawings, can also be accessed if required. The system also includes a cell coverage mapping facility based on predicted coverage.

The Benefits

NetGIS has now been implemented in full and allows Vodafone Ireland to improve productivity, and therefore, the efficiency of its staff. The NetGIS cell coverage map is also now available for viewing by members of the public through the www.vodafone.ie website.

  • NetGIS has allowed Vodafone Ireland Property Agents to move from paper maps and sellotape to seamless digital mapping available online.
  • Faster, easier and more consistent, NetGIS has allowed Vodafone Ireland to improve the complex and time consuming process of identifying and commissioning new base stations by displaying the specific information each person needs for their particular part of the process on a map in the browser interface.