Port of Cork

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The Port of Cork is one of Ireland’s largest and most economically important ports. Over 3,000 ships and 10 million tonnes of cargo pass through the port each year, making it one of the busiest ports in Ireland. With 99% of trade by volume moving through the country’s ports each year, the efficient and effective operation of facilities is essential.

Project Summary

Port of CorkThe Port of Cork uses OSi digital mapping data for the efficient management of the port facilities and for planning of new developments. OSI digital mapping is used to track shipping movements into and out the Port and for efficient management of resources.

OSi orthophotography is used by the Port of Cork on their web-site www.portofcork.ie to allow customers to search each location in the port in order to see what facilities are available to them for Lift In, Lift Off and Roll On, Roll Off of bulk containers.

OSi Data Bases employed:

  • Large Scale Mapping.
  • Small and Medium Scales Mapping.
  • High and low level imagery and orthophotography.
  • Height models and Lidar models.