Green Belt Ltd

Green Belt
Green Belt Ltd is Ireland’s largest private forestry company and the national market leader in the area of new forest establishment. Established in 1982 the company employs 25 staff and is involved in all aspects of forestry management and renewable energy.

The company has to date planted over 170,000 acres throughout Ireland and continues to plant in excess of 3,000 hectares of new forests each year. Among its management portfolio are plantations owned by thousands of Irish farmers plus a diverse array of investors.

Project Overview

  • A principle revenue stream for Green Belt is the grant applications process for forestry projects.
  • Payment is based on the map submitted.
  • The company invested in a GIS system to help them manage this process.

The Challenge

  • To gain efficiencies in operations.
  • To reduce turnaround time in grant applications.
  • To protect main revenue stream.
  • To reduce risk of data and knowledge loss.

The Solution

Green BeltGreen Belt utilized OSI data through a Geographical Information System to deliver an on-line management system giving easy and immediate access to maps. This GIS system has secured their principle revenue stream which has resulted in a greater quantity of applications being processed per day, in a reduced timeframe, with fewer queries being raised; all of which results in faster and more efficient payment from the Forestry Service of the Department of Agriculture.


  • Easy & immediate access to maps.
  • No storing or ordering of paper maps (on-line access to OSi maps).
  • Cost effective process with no waste.
  • Electronic transfer of data available (to Forestry Service).
  • Central location for all mapping requirements, single point of contact.

OSi Data Bases employed:

  • Large Scale Mapping.
  • Small and Medium Scales Mapping.
  • High and low level imagery and orthophotography.
  • Height models and Lidar models.