Bank of Ireland

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Bank of Ireland employs a complete web-based spatial analysis solution providing comprehensive marketing information and reporting on any location in Ireland. The information is presented in map and report format, using OSI Digital Mapping and is both easy to understand and exportable for use in other applications.

The Solution

Our partner company, Gamma, worked closely with Bank of Ireland management to identify the key variables that determine and drive market demand for the Bank’s services in any given geographic or demographic area. These included small area Census statistics, GeoDirectory, bank branch and ATM data, locations of schools and colleges and company locations. These were brought into a GIS model to determine the demand for banking services across the county by 5km grid. Another OSi partner, BizMaps, then constructed, delivered and now host an application that enables the bank to dynamically create market reports against the above variables, displayed in both map and tabular formats, against which decisions can be made by the Bank on the type of service it provides in any location.

The Benefits

This is a highly successful interactive solution that combines OSi mapping and CSO data into an intuitive GIS application. This solution enables Bank of Ireland to improve customer service whilst reducing its own costs.

  • Large Scale Mapping
  • Small and Medium Scales Mapping
  • High and low level imagery and orthophotography