Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Whether you are in an SME business and need to apply Business Intelligence to Location Intelligence to get the answers you need, or if you are a university lecturer who is required to set assignments in relation to geographic locations or if you are a customer who simply has a mapping query, OSi can assist with answering these queries for you.

confused_manOSi also assists with specific projects for their decision making purposes. These projects may include customer websites that need to display maps with their own geographically intelligent GI data. OSi can resolve this by providing you with MapGenie REST access (click here for more information on MapGenie or to email the MapGenie team please email [email protected].) e.g. Geological Survey of Ireland, NUIM’s Research Centre NIRSA, www.myloc8ion.com etc.

Customers need assistance with the creation of certain maps. OSi have seconded GIS consultants for a period of time to assist and teach the customer on how to create the specific maps e.g. Census 2011 maps for distribution.