GIS Greater Efficiency & Cost Savings

The business requirement for mapping data is for it to be both an intelligent background image and an interactive tool, when carrying out analysis on either your Computer-Aided Design (CAD) or Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

girl_thinkingOSi understands that time costs money and so with  additions such as the new methods of supplying data and the new data structure, formally known as MapGenie and Prime2 respectively, we are meeting the needs of you, our customers.


Previously the only digital data available was time heavy when prepping the data for the specific project, by the customer. For example when Discovery Raster data, for let’s say Killarney, was required for a project, the following were the methods of setting it up;

  • Request the raster data and index file from OSi and wait for it to be delivered by CD.
  • Store the data on your server.
  • Open the index file and guess where the Killarney was and zoom to it
  • Take note of the index grid names and then open up the tiff files into the GI Software.
  • Wait for the pyramids to build

The result was a map that was built for purpose but could only be viewed at certain scale levels. If your project required a larger or smaller scale map you would have to go through steps 1 to 5 again for that specific map.

For MapGenie the following are the methods for setting it up;

  • Request a WMS account to be created from OSi and wait a comparably short wait for the data links to be delivered via email.
  • Zoom to Killarney

The result here is that maps are being delivered much quicker to the customer.

The benefits of this are that it saves you both time and money. Instead of spending 70% or more of your time with preparing the map data you now only spend 10% of your time doing this preparation step. This means that you now spend 90% of your time on Location Intelligence (analysing your data in relation to the OSi mapping) and actually getting down to your project.

There are other cost benefits to using MapGenie including the fact that you do not have to spend money on storing the data on your server as it is stored on the OSi servers. For more information on MapGenie please click here or to email the MapGenie team please email [email protected].

For information on Prime 2 please click here.