OSi & Geographic Information Science

The Ordnance Survey (OSi) is renowned for its paper maps. In the last ten years OSi and Geographic Information Science (GIS) are now inextricably linked. The OSi data is compatible with various Geographic Information Systems as well as Computer-Aided Design Systems (CAD). These two systems are two ways to display maps on your computer desktop. The various map formats that can be supplied include the following;

  • Dwg
  • Dxf
  • Ntf
  • Shp
  • File gdb
  • Excel
  • Ascii
  • Tiff
  • URL links in both WMS and REST access via MapGenie supply

With the addition of the new Prime 2 structure the data will be available in even more formats.

The benefit of being able to easily display maps on your computer, in the map format that you prefer, is that the OSi map suits your specific project needs.

The employees of OSi are highly skilled in GI and can provide GI solutions and advice for your specific projects queries.