Planning Applications Using OSi Digital Planning Packs

Everything you need to know to get the correct Mapping Data for your Planning application from OSi

Mapping data from OSi is one of the fundamental requirements of planning applications in Ireland.

OSi Planning Packs


If you are looking to apply for planning permission from your local authority for a new build, an extension to an existing property or applying for an exemption from planning permission, you require OSi data on the proposed site.

OSi’s Digital Planning Pack is intended for use solely for planning purposes. Any person can purchase a Digital Planning Pack and they do not have to be an existing OSi customer. The pack is available in 1:1000 scale for urban areas and 1:2500 scale for rural areas, to an A4 and A3 extent, and supplied in either DWG or DXF format as a vector product.

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software is required to manipulate Digital Planning Pack data.

Things to Keep in Mind

Once you have your payment details ready and know the area of land you need mapped, a Digital Planning Pack can be produced by OSi with a turnaround of 24hrs and a similar time frame with our agents in normal circumstances.  To ensure the process goes as efficiently as possible, you should keep the following points in mind.

It's all in the Planning

It’s all in the Planning

Know Your Local Authority’s Requirements

It is advised that, before contacting OSi, you check the application requirements of your local authority.

Most local authorities provide a technical checklist that helps get customers through the application process as efficiently as possible. Here is an example of a checklist provided by Dublin City Council.

Planning before Doing

Planning before Doing

There are two main reasons why you should first check the requirements of their local authority. Firstly, there could be some variations in regard to the format or number of duplicate copies of printed data required by a local authority.

Secondly, depending on the type of development, an applicant may need to discuss connections to the public water supply, sewer etc.

Any development policies that are native to the local area can be found in the local development plan. These are usually available at the planning authority offices and in some cases, local libraries.

Know the Eircode or Land Registry Folio Number

If you are enquiring about a site in a rural area, your query may involve mapping data on a specific townland. In some cases, a townland could be as big as 1000 acres, making it difficult to nail down and map for the specific site.

For example, the site might be in the middle of a field, but without exact coordinates, part of the field could be omitted by mistake. To make sure this doesn’t happen, the corresponding Folio Number from the Land Registry can be utilised to determine an accurate location. Alternatively, if it was a house in a rural area and you had your Eircode on hand, the site could be identified that way.

Usage and Copyrights

If you are purchasing a Digital Planning Pack from OSi it is likely that you do not have an Annual Copyright Licence. You will also need to purchase a temporary Copyright Licence (€14.58 inc VAT).


When you are submitting your planning application to the local authority you will need to bring your receipt from OSi as proof of your permission to use the data.

Even if the necessary data is made available to you by a third party such as someone living in the same area, or someone involved in your application such as an architect, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary Copyright Licence.

More information on the Agreement for the Licence of Ordnance Survey Ireland Data can be found here.

Benefits of Digital Planning Packs

One of the main advantages of Digital Planning Packs over paper maps, is the ability to manipulate them with CAD.

Once they have the mapping data from OSi, architects or other parties involved in the planning application can properly overlay their drawings onto the map.


Although digital is the most versatile format of mapping data for planning, paper maps can still be ordered from OSi. One benefit that is exclusive to the Digital Planning Pack over paper maps is that if a local authority is not satisfied with your application, you or your architect still have the necessary data to start the drawings again. If you had ordered paper maps you may have to arrange a new order with OSi.

Customers looking to order Digital Planning Packs can ring OSi Map Sales on 01-8025300 and ask for the Map Shop.

Customers who are satisfied with a paper Planning Pack (printable), an Authorised Internet Map that provides only PDF version of the data, can use the self-service function here.

If you can’t find an answer to your query, you can contact OSi at [email protected].

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