The Secret World of 3 Prison Museums in Ireland

Have you ever wanted to see inside the secret world of one of our historic prisons? Each one offers unique features for a very revealing visit. © Fáilte [...]

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Case Study: University College Dublin

Allowing everyone to easily evaluate and understand environmental assets and impacts when making development planning decisions Challenge The environment has become a critical consideration in planning for new development [...]

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All of Ireland’s geospatial data, all in one place

An introduction to GeoHive, the state’s Geospatial Data Hub, and the benefits it delivers for public service bodies, businesses and citizens. Ireland is rich in geospatial data. Within [...]

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Case Study: Dublin City Council

Enabling Ireland’s policy makers to implement well-informed, evidence-based and effective housing strategies Challenge With its bustling city centre, excellent amenities and varied employment opportunities, Dublin is a very popular [...]

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Case Study: Central Statistics Office

Revealing fresh insight into population health, community services and the ecology of Ireland Challenge Ireland’s Central Statistics Office (CSO) had a longstanding relationship with Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi), formed [...]

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Case Study: All Ireland Research Observatory (AIRO)

Putting authoritative data and evidence into the hands of Ireland’s decision makers Challenge The challenges researched by the All Ireland Research Observatory (AIRO) are among the most complex and [...]

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