20 Questions about Ireland for St. Patrick’s day

Everyone loves Ireland on Saint Patrick’s day. Why not test your knowledge with this quiz on the Emerald Isle. We have selected a wide variety of questions and all the answers are at the bottom of the page.

You can let us know if you get all the correct answers (no peeking!).

Here are the 20 questions.

  1. What sport awards the Sam Maguire cup which is modeled on the early Christian Ardagh chalice?
  2. Which county in the province of Connaught does not have a coastline?
  3. This is a UNESCO world heritage site off the west coast of Ireland. In the past, the monks used beehive-shaped huts for their daily prayers. Today, visitors to the island climb the very demanding 618 steps to enjoy the dramatic views. What is this island called?
  4. This ancient site is located on an island location. It sits high on the cliffs of the island off the west of Ireland with an 87-metre drop. It has 3 massive drystone defense walls and is 3,000 years old. What is it called?
  5. This house and estate are located inside a city public park that covers over 1,700 acres. The government use this house to accommodate high-level meetings and visiting guests. Edward Cecil Guinness built the house in the 1880s. It houses a collection of rare books and also has a very beautiful walled garden along with a sunken garden. When not in use for government business, it hosts many very popular events for the public. What is the name of this house and estate?
  6. This site, which is part of Ireland’s Ancient east, was the seat of the high kings of Ireland. Saint Patrick visited this site in the 5th century. What is the name of this hill?
  7. This river is really popular with tourists looking for a tranquil holiday cruising on our inland waterways. It is also the longest river in Ireland. What is the name of the river?
  8. Ireland possesses several famous sporting venues throughout the country. In which Irish sports stadium can you find the famous Hogan stand?
  9. What date in March is Saint Patrick’s day celebrated?
  10. This city is famous for its 12th-century castle. It is also known as the “Marble City” and is situated on the River Nore. What is the name of the city?
  11. The Aran Islands, off the Galway coast, consist of 3 islands, can you name all 3 of them?
  12. This county, which is located on the east coast, is known for its superb seafood. It is also the smallest county in Ireland.
  13. This city, which is situated on the River Liffey, is famous for its very large Saint Patrick’s day parade with marching bands, the Aviva Stadium and also the Molly Malone statue. What is the name of the city?
  14. Ireland has some unusual traditions including kissing a stone to get the gift of eloquence or the gift of the gab. In which county would you kiss this stone?
  15. County Kerry is known for its stunning scenery, Gap of Dunloe and mountains. Can you name the highest mountain in Ireland?
  16. Which Irish county holds the summer Spraoi festival which is celebrated at the start of August?
  17. This Ordnance Survey Ireland Tourism and Leisure map series is created especially for the outdoor enthusiast and is mapped at 1:25,000. It offers detailed mapping in some of the most popular adventure locations around Ireland. It is very popular with hill walkers and mountaineers. What is the name of this series? This link will help you with the answer:  https://store.osi.ie/
  18. Can you name the river that flows through Cork city?
  19. The Twelve Bens offer stunning views out over the countryside. Where will you find the Twelve Bens?
  20. This is a Trackway in the boglands in Irelands Ancient East. Originally, it was built from heavy planks of oak, dates back to the Iron age and may have formed part of a ceremonial highway.  What is this site called?

St. Patrick's Day 4

Answers to all the questions.

  1. The winners of the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship.
  2. Roscommon.
  3. Skellig Michael.
  4. Dún Aonghasa on the Aran Islands
  5. Farmleigh house and estate in Phoenix Park, Dublin.
  6. Hill of Tara.
  7. River Shannon.
  8. Croke Park.
  9. 17th
  10. Kilkenny.
  11. Inis Mór, Inis Meain, Inis Oirr (Inisheer)
  12. County Louth.
  13. Dublin City.
  14. County Cork.
  15. Carrauntoohil
  16. County Waterford.
  17. The Adventure Series.
  18. River Lee.
  19. Connemara.
  20. Corlea Trackway, County Longford.

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