Our mandate from Government expands on our Mission statement and outlines the principal responsibilities of Ordnance Survey Ireland as follows:

  • To maintain and develop the underlying physical infrastructure to support mapping and mapping applications, including to maintain a national grid and the geodetic and height frameworks and to link these to international systems.
  • To create and maintain for the entire State mapping and related geographic databases which have national consistency of content, currency, style and manner.
  • To provide mapping and related geographic data to the public and private sectors in support of social, economic, legislative, security, business and administrative functions and requirements.
  • To encourage and promote the benefits of the use of OSi’s national mapping and related databases and to promote the development of its products, services and markets to meet national and user needs.
  • To advise Government and public sector organisations on matters relating to the policy and practice of survey, mapping and geographic information and on the development of national spatial database infrastructures.
  • To represent the State at international level on matters relating to mapping and geographic information.
  • To provide the necessary technical support to the Chief Boundary Surveyor in the performance of his/her duties in delimiting statutory boundaries and the delineation of such boundaries on maps.
  • To depict placenames and ancient features in the national mapping and related databases in the Irish language or in the English and Irish languages.
  • To protect Government copyright on OSi databases, products and published material.

Statement of Strategy

This Statement of Strategy is the seventh statement to be published by Ordnance Survey Ireland and arises in the context of the Public Service Management Act, 1997.

The Statement continues to build on the strategic management process which is well established in Ordnance Survey Ireland and comprises a number of strategic themes which are designed to assist the organisation in successfully meeting the challenges of a constantly changing environment in which the organisation fulfils its mandate.

There has been consultation with stakeholders at all levels in the preparation of this statement.

Please click on the links below to download the strategy statement as a PDF file.

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