Tailte Éireann

Merging Property, Mapping and Valuation State Agencies – Tailte Éireann

Tailte Éireann is the name of the Government body to be formed through a merger of three existing state agencies: Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi), the Property Registration Authority of Ireland (PRA) and the Valuation Office (VO).

The Minister for Justice and Equality, has approved Tailte Éireann as the name of the new organisation and has decided that it will be governed by a statutory Board which will report to the Minister.

The legislation establishing the new organisation is currently being drafted and it will make provision for the appointment and terms of operation of the Board. The Minister has also confirmed that the staff of the new organisation, headed by a Chief Executive Officer, will be civil servants. These decisions are subject to the consideration of the establishing legislation during its passage through the Oireachtas. The linked Oireachtas Library & Research Service note (link L&RS Note) provides an overview of the General Scheme of the Tailte Éireann Bill in the context of some international experiences. The Note begins by discussing the background to the publication of the General Scheme.

 A website is in place for Tailte Éireann and will be further populated with information and content as the merger progresses. Please find the Tailte Éireann Bill here.