General information

Access to Information on the Environment (AIE) Regulations 2007 – 2018 give rights to those seeking to access information on the environment from public authorities.

Subject to certain exceptions, information relating to the environment held by, or for, a public authority must be made available on request to any person.

The AIE Regulations provide a definition of environmental information; outline the manner in which requests for information may be submitted to public authorities and the manner in which public authorities are required to deal with requests e.g. timeframes for response. The Regulations also provide for a formal appeals procedure in the event that a person is unhappy with a decision on their request.

How do I make an AIE request?

Before making a request for information under AIE you should first visit the Ordnance Survey Ireland website, as the information you require may already be available.

Ordnance Survey Ireland provides access free of charge to a range of its mapping products, including modern mapping, historical mapping from the first surveys of Ireland and, aerial imagery. For further information and details of mapping products available visit our websites: and

In the event of a request, an application and for AIE information pertaining to Ordnance Survey Ireland may be submitted to:

AIE Officer,
Ordnance Survey Ireland,
Phoenix Park,
Dublin 8,

or by filling in this online application form

Essentials of a valid request

When making a request for information under the AIE Regulations 2007-2018, you are required to:

  • state that the application is being made under the AIE Regulations 2007-2018 and submit it in writing or via this online application form
  • provide your contact details
  • state, in terms that are as specific as possible, the environmental information required, and specify the form and manner of access desired

In accordance with the Regulations, a Public Authority may decide to charge a reasonable fee for supplying environmental information (see fees below)

Normally you will be notified of the decision on your request within 1 month of receipt.


There is no fee to make a request under AIE Regulations. However, the regulations do allow a public authority to charge a reasonable fee for the cost of supplying the environmental information.

Ordnance Survey Ireland has set the following charges:

  • search, retrieval and copying of records: €20 per hour
  • photocopy: €0.04 per sheet
  • CD Rom: €10
  • Radiograph: €6.00

Details of any charges that apply will be advised in the final decision letter. Please note that the fee may be waived where the cost is estimated at less than €100.

Fees will be calculated upon receipt of a request and is dependent on the volume of work involved in compiling information where it has not been previously made available in an accessible format. Ordnance Survey Ireland makes some of its data available for viewing free of charge through a Map Viewer which can be found on the Ordnance Survey website –

Ordnance Survey Ireland data is protected under Government Copyright and is made available under licencing agreements. The licencing cost depends on the quantity of data required and the proposed use of data. Any licence fee payable is separate to the charges above.

When can I expect a response to my request?

On receipt of an AIE request, Ordnance Survey Ireland will issue you with an acknowledgement letter outlining the date the request was received and the latest date by which a decision will be issued.

Ordnance Survey Ireland will notify you of the decision on your request within one month of our receiving it. Where Ordnance Survey Ireland is unable to respond within the one-month timeframe due to the complexity or volume of information requested, we are required to write to the applicant within the month, indicating when a response will issue. This date should not be more than two months from the receipt of the original request.

What can I do if I am unhappy with a decision on my request?

You can request an internal review of the decision if your request for environmental information has been either wholly or partially refused, or if you believe it has not been dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the AIE Regulations. You should make this request for an internal review within one month of receiving the final decision.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of the internal review, you may ask the Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information (OCEI) to review the matter. You should request an appeal to the OCEI within one month of receiving the decision of the internal review.

Is there a fee for appeals to the Commissioner for Environmental Information

A standard fee of €50 shall be charged for making an appeal to the Commissioner.

A fee of €15 shall apply in respect of an appeal pursuant to article 12 by—

  • a holder of a medical card,
  • a dependant of a holder of a medical card, or
  • a person referred to in article 12(3)(b),

Additional Information

The following websites provide more information about AIE which might be of use.

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